SSAYE Value Proposition
  • SSAYE Club provides an advanced marketplace for people to make smart decisions, secured transactions and adopt sustainable practices in the interest of smart economy. Products and service offering include asset management, energy sustainability, social engagement projects and other services from partners.
  • Members are empowered for growth, voice their interest in the community and get actively involved to have a healthy, balanced life and society to create smart cities and build legacy.
  • A unique platform that one can become member and provide their solutions to global market.
  • SSAYE is powered with advanced technologies including Blockchain, IOT and Artificial Intelligence, and global dynamic resources thus enabling a platform for trusted, secured and economical living
Our Services
Know Us Better
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Our Members
Communities, individuals and companies having interest to contribute or benefit in the smart & sustainable economy anywhere in the world
How we got started
Looking at the challenges in the complex society, and with the expertise of digital world & smart city, passionate individuals got together to make a better place
What we do
Our marketplace enables people to make smarter decisions, engage, collaborate, make a safe, affordable and sustainable living ecosystem for the new economy
SSAYE Club Silver member
A unique member experience to avail the services and be part of a global smart community
Monthly membership for only 35 USD
FREE member
We want to provide the opportunity to every person on this earth to be part of our club.
You can avail limited transaction on the marketplace.
Sign up to participate in our communities, hear about the opportunities, events, specials and create your own community! SSAYE gives its members the opportunity to use our advanced resources to enhance their standard of living, better returns for their investment, trust based business, transparent transactions, community engagement & collaboration.
Our Partners
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